Greetings From Miss Indy Juneteenth

A beacon of light and beauty, Miss Indy Juneteenth is a positive representation of what it is to be unapologetically black. A dedicated mother and wife with an MBA, she wears many hats. (As briefly seen in the clip below) She reads weekly to preschool students, attends dinners and events, participates in community service and represents the culture whenever called upon. We congratulate Resha Woods-Sutherlin on being the 1st Miss Indy Juneteenth!!!


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Join Us May 29th at the Marian University Theatre for the 2nd Annual Miss Indy Juneteenth Scholarship Pageant.  

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Teresa Clay
Teresa Clay

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Alexys Stanislaus

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Alicia Sims

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To Be
Miss Indy

CROWN H.E.R. (Healing, Empowering, & Respect

A pageant designed to celebrate the black woman in all of her shades, curves, and magic.

4 Main Scenes are in each pageant.

1.  Opening Scene

2. Creative Scene

3. Talent Scene

4. Formal Scene with Question

For more information about the scenes, to be a volunteer, or to be a contestant, please contact us below.

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